Thinking of a spiritually inspired ceremony?

Congratulations on your decision to get married! More and more couples these days are adding a spiritual dimension to their ceremony, but they're unsure how or where to begin.

Within the framework of a traditional wedding ceremony, a spiritually inspired wedding ceremony acknowledges the spiritual side of your personal lives and of the environment and community in which you live.

You have freedom to enhance traditional ceremony elements, to enrich your ceremony and celebration by adding to and placing emphasis on certain aspects of your lives and community, not only for each other but for all who attend.

Welcome to my spiritual ceremonies guide that will help you to create your own personalized and truly inspirational ceremony, one that reflects your ideals, beliefs, true feelings, your hopes and desires for each other for your future life together!

With this information you truly can do-it-yourself!

Compiled, ready for you to choose from........

I have compiled 6 ceremonies, complete with readings, vows, music and cultural rituals suggestions. There are additional readings and poetry, cultural traditions and rituals and music suggestions as well for you to choose from!

Plus a personal checklist

I also include a comprehensive check-list and guide to ensure you have a stress free ceremony and celebration and to assist you in compiling a more personalized introduction!

How do you go about choosing a ceremony?

Every aspect of the ceremony should reflect you (both), your thoughts and feelings, beliefs and ideals, hopes and desires. The ceremony can be therefore, totally personalized to suit every aspect of your being.

This collection of ceremonies, readings, rituals and traditions, music will provide the inspiration you need to decide exactly what it is you want to say to your loved one and to your family and friends at this special time of re-commitment.

Your ceremony could be....

Traditional... plus:

  • just includes beautiful and or special meaningful readings by the celebrant, a family member or guest;
  • A ceremony with a splash of spirituality provided by candle/s and readings;
  • A culturally rich ceremony with recognition and acknowledgements to enhance every aspect of your ceremony....... traditional owners of the land, children, friends and family, revered deceased friends or family;
  • Thematic ~ you may wish to have a theme flowing through your ceremony as well as all the acknowledgements, recognition and cultural rituals.

Music and songs interwoven with the ceremony provides a very emotionally charged or recorded.

6 ceremonies for you to consider.... copy and paste......adapt to suit your personal tastes, beliefs and situation.

The ceremonies, additional readings, poetry and cultural rituals in this presentation have been designed for you to copy and paste, to add new material to or for you to adapt to suit your personal situation.

The Introduction.

A Reading.

Celebrant statement of authorization.

Giving Away.

The Commitment.

The vows.

Ring ceremony.

A Reading

The Declaration / Conclusion

Signing of the Documents

Presentation of Marriage Certificate to the couple

Presentation of the Couple to guests

An additional Blessing or Reading.

That all sounds great, how does it all come together?

  1. Read and decide what you like, what suits your situation.
  2. Consider your questionnaire answers and construct a flowing narrative from them.
  3. Decide which headings you will be using.[Delete what you don't want eg if the bride is not being given away, delete 'giving away']
  4. Copy material (and adapt) whichever you decide to use.
  5. Include any of your own material
  6. Paste it all under your headings.
  7. Choose your font........ print!

........and your ceremony is ready!

Here are some excerpts from the ceremonies.....

"I love the way the sun shines for everyone I love the feeling of the warmth flowing through my blood Well the sun, it recharges me, makes me feel happy Then it takes me on a little journey..."
"I love the way a seed grows into a tree I love how we can sit under and feel free With the shade covering over me, connecting to what I believe" Nature’s going to take me on a little journey..."
"Love is devoted and thankful, always trusting, even when it doesn'’t taste sweet, for without pain no one can live in love."
Celebrant to the bride: "Do you happily make the decision to share your lives, and to fulfill dreams, embrace adventures and create memories together?"

Celebrant "Marriage is a social, spiritual, or legal union of individuals. For us it is about laughing at each others' jokes, talking without words, being able to say sorry and not hold grudges. It’s about our unity and individuality. Marriage is a love strong enough to get through hard times and revel in the great times. It is only once and it is with the person in front of us now."
"We pledge day to day to be patient with ourselves and others, knowing that change comes slowly and gradually and to seek inspirations from each other and not to become discouraged."
"Hope your road is a long one. May there be many summer mornings when, with what pleasure, what joy, you enter harbours you’re seeing for the first time. May you stop at Phoenician trading stations" - From the poem 'Ithaca' ~ Author Constantine Cavafy
"We are so blessed in this life to know that we can, and will, always return to your love, laughter, care and hugs. You are our source of strength, our identity, our refuge and our home. You are our best teachers and our oldest friends..." - Bride and groom speak to family
"You are a strength of spirit and inspiration in my life. My heart is open to you to fill with your sense of compassion, adventure and love. I thank you for your open and creative spirit in my life. May we extend this feeling of adventure, growth and compassion long into our future..." - Bride to her groom
"I wanted to write something for you that goes beyond the daily utterances I share with you and is something more fully formed. I think to search for word's is always finite when compared to actions. Words represent the world around us, give meaning..." - Groom to his bride

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